Windows 8.1 VPS Server

windows 8.1 vps server


Another popular desktop operating system Microsoft Windows 8.1 now you can install on your rainhost VPS! We are offering Windows 8.1 enterprise edition with reusable trial license! So what is reusable trial? Microsoft gives 90 days trial license for windows 8.1 enterprise edition and allows you to extend it 3/4 times by rearm command, which mean 90×4=360 days! mean you actually getting one year trial! After one year if you re-install your OS then everything would be reset as new trial, so again you can rearm for another year.


How to rearm or reset your trial?

To do that simply open command prompt as administrator then type slmgr -rearm press enter then restart vps from your rainhost client area and you are done!, you can rearm up to 3 times at the end of each trial period! When all rearm ends simply re-install your OS to reset everything from start!

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