How to Install WHM-cPanel on Your VPS Server

You can have pre installed cPanel with your server if you included this addon while ordering. Easiest way and no need any skill for this.

But if you have cPanel license and want to install it manually you can do so by following below steps.

If you are advanced users and know how to work on SSH then you can install cPanel by SSH command. Installation process is automatic and easy.

First be sure you have set reachable (fully qualified domain name) hostname, to do so type below command


2nd importanat things is installing screen is better idea cause cpanel installation could take over 30 minutes of time. Within this time your network could be out so installation will break. so insatll screen by this command

sudo yum install screen

Now you are ready. Use below command to get cPanel SH file

wget -N

Now type


then type

sh latest

If your network connection break installation will still run under screen.

After Installation complete you can enter your WHM at https://yourIP:2087

username: root

password: yourpassword