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Bandwidth Overage Rate

If your service exceed the bandwidth included with your plan, your service will not be suspend, but you will be charge next month (for previous month usage) at the below rate. Please note that for higher regional cost, region wise pricing rate could differ. Overage Bandwidth Per Month USA & Europe: $0.03 per month per 1GBAsia & […]

How to extend disk space in Windows servers

By default all rainhost Windows servers disk space is 25 GB. Which mean if your ordered server specification tells 50 GB you will be assign 50 GB but you will see your disk space in my computer 25 GB. Why? Because windows installation disk was created with 25 GB space so when we restore that […]

How to extend windows trial license easily

If you are using windows server with trial license and reinstalling windows after every expiry then you don’t need to reinstall in each expiry anymore. Microsoft allowed rearming process which will reset windows trial license for another period, not only once but more than 4 time in Windows server 2012 R2, Windows server 2016 and […]

Forex VPS on Digital Ocean Servers

Are you tried ever to deploy windows operating system on your digital ocean droplet? May be you tried and success if you have knowledge & time to do that using your own windows ISO. But is that time consuming? Novice users may be not success yet. But no problem if you like to get your […]

Windows RDP on The Digital Ocean Servers

Do you know about Digital Ocean? Probably you know. Digital Ocean is one of the best cloud servers provider in today’s world. People are loving there services while they provide uncompromising reliable cloud servers with 100% uptime. We also like their services but we found a little lack! That is indifference about windows server. We […]

What you can do with windows 10 RDP?

The answer is very simple, you can do anything like your personal desktop computer! Even more than that while you can’t take your PC outdoor, in street, cafe or travel but you can take your RDP anywhere you want. Why I need A Windows 10 RDP? Windows 10 is most versatile desktop computer solutions yet […]

Powerful WordPress Hosting

Rainhost now offering powerful WordPress hosting with some latest management tools. Currently we have 3 plans with unlimited SSD disk spaces and bandwidth only in USA location. So What Special? We have few special features for our clients which we think you like to have in your WordPress management panel. Fast automated installation Automatic SSL […]

CashU Payment

Rainhost now accepting CASHU as payment method. CASHU members from all over the world specially from MENA countries (Middle East and North Africa) including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Jordan, Oman now can pay using their CASHU account. It is risk free and secure. If you want to know more about CashU see here. […]

Pay using Bitcoin

Rainhost now accepting few types of cryptocurrencies while this payment method becoming popular among both buyers and sellers worldwide. We are verified merchant of one of the most trusted and secure cryptocurrencies payment and wallet provider Coingate. So don’t worry anymore if you like to pay by your coins. Which Coin We Accept? Currently we […]

Atlanta 2GB VPS Speed Test

Atlanta 2GB KVM VPS plan for both Windows and Linux server. Speed could vary up on pick and non pick hour and depends on test server’s network functionality. SSH Screenshot Full Speed Test Result Benchmark started on Mon Jun 3 11:51:34 UTC 2019 Full benchmark log: /root/bench.log System Info Processor : Virtual CPU 82d9ed4018dd CPU […]

Dallas 1GB VPS Speed Test

Here is Dallas 1GB KVM VPS plan’s quick test result. Quick test mainly represent port speed and disk I/O speed, I think port and disk I/O is most important part which you must think before you buy a server. SSH Screenshot Full Speed Test Result System Info Processor : Virtual CPU 523cbcdd6ca4 CPU Cores : […]

Dallas VPS

Rainhost has wide range of locations for your server deployment. In this process we have another most wanted location for you in USA that is Dallas, city of north Texas and commercial and cultural hub of that region. Data Center State of the art Dallas data center also has latest security and disaster recovery system […]

Windows VPS Instant Activation

No more waiting for server activation. Now can get your server activation instantly just after your invoice marked as paid. We like to deliver your server as soon as possible. This is not only for windows VPS but your Linux KVM VPS also set for instant activation. Things that you need to do: Got server […]


Rainhost offers cheap KVM VPS. KVM mean most powerful and optional virtualization while you can use it for both Linux and Windows. You can have your KVM VPS in more than 15 cities around the world including Miami, Dallas, New York in USA, Singapore, Tokyo in Asia and Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris in Europe. KVM Performance? […]

Windows server 2019 now available

Windows server 2019 with more secure environment now available at You can get 180 days trial version on both of your RainHost’s VPS or dedicated servers. Why you should move to windows server 2019? Answer of this question in one word is security! because fo it has built in protection against recent ransomware and […]

Windows Server 2016 Now Available

Windows Server 2016 is now available after long wait. Until now we offered server 2016 technical preview to our client but now you can deploy your VPS or Dedicated server with Windows Server 2016. Currently we only offering 180 days trial version of Windows server 2016 with up to 4 times legally rearm by simple command prompt command […]

Windows Dedicated Server

Rainhost now offering cheap but very high configuration Windows Dedicated Servers. Currently we providing servers in Kansas City, New York and Miami data centers. All data centers are secured and has free DDos protection included. 2Gbps in Kansas city and 10 Gbps in New York and Miami data centers. You can have windows server 2008, […]

VPS Server in Singapore

Rainhost now offering cloud VPS servers in popular Asian location Singapore. High performance SSD powered servers with KVM virtualization. You can deploy your server with all popular OS like latest Cent OS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora or Windows server 2008, 2012, 2016, Windows 8.1 Enterprise, Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise edition. Also you can request to attach your […]

Windows 8.1 VPS Server

  Another popular desktop operating system Microsoft Windows 8.1 now you can install on your rainhost VPS! We are offering Windows 8.1 enterprise edition with reusable trial license! So what is reusable trial? Microsoft gives 90 days trial license for windows 8.1 enterprise edition and allows you to extend it 3/4 times by rearm command, which […]

Windows server 2012 VPS Server

Now you can buy Microsoft Windows Server R2 Standard Edition running VPS at You can optionally buy full license or use reusable 180 days trial version which could be legally reset up to 3 times by simple command prompt command. You can deploy your server upto 15 locations in 4 continent world wide. Sydney, […]

Windows server 2016 VPS

Windows server consumer preview5 VPS now can be bought at You might be curious about Microsoft’s latest development on windows server 2016. You can order the below packages now. For details see here Windows Server 2016. GLOBAL WINDOWS VPS 768MB 1 CPU Core 768MB RAM 15GB SSD Disk 1 IPv4 IP & /64 IPv6 Block […]

Windows 10 Remote Desktop VPS Server

Rainhost now offering Windows 10 remote desktop VPS server in very affordable price! Superior high performance Intel Xeon powered CPU’s with fast SSD storage. You can use your own license for Windows 10 Pro. Windows 10 Enterprise edition included reusable trial license. Reusable trial license mean Microsoft gives 90 days trial license for windows 10 enterprise edition and allows you […]

Unable to Allocate Memory Pool Error

I have had a cloud server with 8 Core and 8 GB RAM and only got less than 15 sites added on that VestaCP server. I thought everything was ok. But day after doing this I found all of my site showing an error in header including WordPress sites. The error was “Unable to allocate […]

500 Error in Vesta Control Panel Nginx Server

I got 500 error while bulk uploading images in my WordPress site. My server configuration is 2 core CPU, 1 GB RAM. After analyze I found this is happening for nginx timeout! Then I  increased nginx send timeout 30 to 300 and my problem is solved. If you have similar problem and finding how to […]

Enable Root Login in Ubuntu Server

Root login is disabled in Ubuntu servers by default. If you want to enable root login for your Ubuntu servers follow the steps below. First login to your server’s SSH client as admin user, then ‘sudo’ then when it ask for root password, type that then press enter, now follow below steps. If you have […]

Disable Root Login

For your server security you should disable root login to prevent any hacking attempt. When you need to do admin task just use ‘sudo’ or ‘su-  commands to get root privilege. To disable root login, open the main ssh configuration file /etc/ssh/sshd_config. You can do it by ‘vi’ command or use sftp client to edit […]

How to pay by Paypal

If you like to pay by PayPal you have to choose Paypal as your payment method while ordering, then see instructions on the invoice. No checkout button on invoice? Please note that we are currently not using PayPal as payment method directly, but if you have no options except PayPal then you have to send […]

What payment method do you have?

Currently we are supporting several payment methods for both global and regional clients. Usually regional payment options will appear on your checkout page base on your computer or internet IP country. For Global Users We have ‘Visa, Mastercard payment options for global users (from any country) which is processed by secure and trusted provider SSlcommerz, […]

How to Install WHM-cPanel on Your VPS Server

You can have pre installed cPanel with your server if you included this addon while ordering. Easiest way and no need any skill for this. But if you have cPanel license and want to install it manually you can do so by following below steps. If you are advanced users and know how to work […]

How to Install Vesta Cntrol Panel on Cent OS 64bit

Vesta One of the best ever free control panel to mange your server and hosting. Relaibale and fast with Apache-cum-Nginx server support which on you can rely for your high traffic professional websites! It is very easy to install on your VPS or Dedicated servers. For best performance use Cent OS 6 64 bit minimal distribution. […]

Cheap SSD VPS with IPv6 IP

You can now buy SSD VPS with affordable price in RainHost. Our new addition of services includes new virtual private servers powered by Intel Solid State Drive (SSD). All servers are available in 15 worldwide locations, Intel Processors, Redundant UPS battery backup, redundant generator power, 24×7 Onsite Security, 100% up time facilities is another great thing to consider us! […]

Windows VPS Now In RainHost

Windows VPS now available at rainhost. we are offering high performance windows vps in USA, Europe, UK, Asia and Australia with Windows Server 2012 R2, Server 2016, Server 2019 and Windows 10. 100% KVM virtualization, 99.99 availability, 1 Gbps port speed, control panel with VNC console, power on/off button. Minimum configuration is as below 1 […]