How to Install Vesta Cntrol Panel on Cent OS 64bit

Vesta One of the best ever free control panel to mange your server and hosting. Relaibale and fast with Apache-cum-Nginx server support which on you can rely for your high traffic professional websites! It is very easy to install on your VPS or Dedicated servers. For best performance use Cent OS 6 64 bit minimal distribution.

Step 1. Login to your server via SSH client like putty.

Step 2. After login paste below command

curl -O

Step 3. Now Paste below command and press enter


Now your installation should began. Input your valid email address when asked and hostname if you want to change it from default one. Now wait 15 mintues to finish installation. When done, on SSH screen you should see your login details, it could also be found on your provided email address.

Common installation problem:

When you starting installation if installer says ‘Bind is installed’ then there is 2 way to overcome this. First one is force installer with addition command parameter -f so your installation command should be

bash -f

2nd way is remove bind if it is pre installed by your operating system with below commands

yum remove httpd bind-9 httpd-tools


yum remove httpd bind-9*



Now began installation from 1st step it should ok now.