Rainhost offers cheap KVM VPS. KVM mean most powerful and optional virtualization while you can use it for both Linux and Windows. You can have your KVM VPS in more than 15 cities around the world including Miami, Dallas, New York in USA, Singapore, Tokyo in Asia and Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris in Europe.


KVM Performance?

We always use top notch up stream provider for rainhost servers. All KVM VPS are built on highly reliable back end for speed and performance, we also use enterprise grade hardware, fast SSD disks, Intel CPUs so you can feel calm & satisfied, our system are designed to keep your server always online without any downtime.


We have 15 locations where you can built you KVM VPS including 8 USA cities Atlanta, Miami, New York, LA, Chicago, Seattle Silicon Valley, Dallas, Toronto, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney.

If you like to have more locations like India, San Francisco then we recommend check our other site which has more than 22 data centers options for you.