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09 Aug

Bandwidth Overage Rate

If your service exceed the bandwidth included with your plan, your service will not be suspend, but you will be charge next month (for previous month...

29 May

How to extend disk space in Windows servers

By default all rainhost Windows servers disk space is 25 GB. Which mean if your ordered server specification tells 50 GB you will be...

29 May

How to extend windows trial license easily

If you are using windows server with trial license and reinstalling windows after every expiry then you don’t need to reinstall in each expiry...

29 May

Forex VPS on Digital Ocean Servers

Are you tried ever to deploy windows operating system on your digital ocean droplet? May be you tried and success if you have knowledge...

Digital Ocean Windows VPS
28 May

Windows RDP on The Digital Ocean Servers

Do you know about Digital Ocean? Probably you know. Digital Ocean is one of the best cloud servers provider in today’s world. People are...

27 May

What you can do with windows 10 RDP?

The answer is very simple, you can do anything like your personal desktop computer! Even more than that while you can’t take your PC...

21 Sep

Powerful WordPress Hosting

Rainhost now offering powerful WordPress hosting with some latest management tools. Currently we have 3 plans with unlimited SSD disk spaces and bandwidth only...

18 Jul

CashU Payment

Rainhost now accepting CASHU as payment method. CASHU members from all over the world specially from MENA countries (Middle East and North Africa) including...

15 Jun

Pay using Bitcoin

Rainhost now accepting few types of cryptocurrencies while this payment method becoming popular among both buyers and sellers worldwide. We are verified merchant of...

03 Jun

Atlanta 2GB VPS Speed Test

Atlanta 2GB KVM VPS plan for both Windows and Linux server. Speed could vary up on pick and non pick hour and depends on...

02 Jun

Dallas 1GB VPS Speed Test

Here is Dallas 1GB KVM VPS plan’s quick test result. Quick test mainly represent port speed and disk I/O speed, I think port and...

Dallas data center
02 Jun

Dallas VPS

Rainhost has wide range of locations for your server deployment. In this process we have another most wanted location for you in USA that...