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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I upload files to my website?
If you have unmanaged server with us you must install any control panel like cPanel, plesk or free vesta cp. Then it will let your create ftp to upload files on your servers. If you need help regarding setting up any control panel submit a ticket and we will do it for you.
How about PHP and MySQL DB?
Once again you need cpanel, plesk or vesta cp control panel where from you can create unlimited mysql db's with ease and also can edit it via phpmyadmin.
Which type of website is not allowed?
Gambling and pornography website and contents is strictly prohibited here at rain servers. Please don't buy a server with us if you intended to do so.
Is my server unmanaged?
Usually all servers are unmanaged but you can hire our team member for managing your server in monthly basis anytime.
Can I get managed server?
Yes you can buy managed server. while ordering your server select 'Managed' option from add-on products.
Can I ask for file transfer from old server?
Yes just submit a ticket with your old and new server information so we can help you move.
Can I get refund?
Yes we have 48 hours money back guarantee for all our VPS servers. Moneyback guarantee is not applicable for smart, cloud and dedicated servers.
What payment method do you have?
We have PayPal payment option which will allow you to pay by all major credit cards. But you can ask us for 2checkout and skrill payment method too.
How long you take to provision a server?
We always try to deliver servers in fastest time. VPS servers are delivered within average 2 hours. Smart and dedicated server delivery could take up to 24 hours.
How can I add a blog?
You need cPanel, directadmin, plesk or vesta cp control panel for adding domains on your server. We can help you with setting your control panel. If you need just submit a ticket.